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Our Pitch

The Geaux Way

Our business model is simple. We offer excellent service at an affordable price.

How do we do it?

By hiring team members who understand Louisiana business filings and are committed to keeping customers happy. By answering the phone whenever it rings. By being friendly. By being helpful. By responding to emails the same day they show up in our inbox. By not hassling customers.

By not charging an arm and a leg. By not hitting you with a lot of hidden fees. By not charging you an introductory price this year only to charge you a fortune next year. By being honest. By being transparent.

This is how we Geaux.

Come See the Geaux Difference

When you signup for our services, you will immediately be logged into your online account. When we accept documents on your behalf, they are uploaded into your account and you are notified immediately. From your online account, you can access your documents anytime, anywhere.

You can also manage all of your business filings. Need to make an amendment to your formation documents? Change your business address? File your annual report? Every Louisiana business filing can be easily found inside your online account. Our documents are pre-filled with your business information, making them fast and easy to file.

Or you can hire us and we will prepare and submit filings on your behalf.

More Than Just a Registered Agent

At Geaux Registered Agent, we offer more than just LA registered agent service. When it comes to Louisiana business filings and company formation, we are your one-stop shop.