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LLCs and Corporations in Louisiana

Should I choose a Louisiana corporation or Louisiana LLC?

Louisiana Corporation

Louisiana corporations must file a copy of their articles of incorporation with the local parish of their registered agent office. Our parish is the Lafayette parish. Filing instructions and the order form used for recording a filing with the Lafayette parish in the easiest manner, are located inside our client’s online accounts.

Benefits of a Louisiana LLC

LLCs do not have to make this filing with the parish. Louisiana LLCs are also simpler to maintain than a corporation. They do not have to hold all the corporate formalities of a corporation. They also require less information from you to decide when filing articles of organization.

Forming a Louisiana LLC or Louisiana corporation can be an overwhelming process. If you are looking to form a Louisiana corporation or LLC, you can use us as your registered agent and get the benefits of filing with the Lafayette parish, which has less lower filing fees and processes filings the same day. Simply sign up online and you’ll be put inside your online account where the forms are pre-populated for you. Most of our clients now form LLCs in Louisiana for the simplicity.