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Louisiana Filing Tips

Louisiana Frequently Asked Questions

In Louisiana, the person signing as the organizer of an LLC or incorporator of a corporation has a lot of responsibility for the entity. If you are a filing service forming Louisiana LLCs or corporations and using us as your registered agent, we recommend making your client sign the filing as the organizer or incorporator.

What happens after I sign up for your registered agent service?

We have all the forms you can file pre-signed in your online account. You will have them immediately after you sign up for service with us. If you’ve already filled the form all out and signed it, you can use our registered agent acceptance inside your online account immediately. It’s the first form in your forms and resources section.

I’m doing my corporate filing online. How do you accept the appointment of agent?

We get an email from the Secretary of State, and accept the appointment through the email. We typically can get the email accepted within an hour of our receipt from the Secretary of States website. After we accept it, you’ll get an email from them that your filing is done. During high volume times, the SOS website will time out (usually in the middle of the day), and we have to try to submit the email form an hour or two after we get it.

You can file a domestic corporation, a domestic non-profit corporation, a domestic LLC, change of registered agent for domestic corporations, and foreign certificate of authority corporations online. Foreign LLCs cannot be filed online. The online link is in your online account. We recommend using the online filing system whenever possible. If your type of filing is not available online, you can email or fax in your filing. We provide the best emails and fax numbers in your online account. You put your credit card information on the cover sheet or in the email body to provide payment for the filing.

Do I have to file my articles with the county parish?

If you’re forming a domestic Louisiana corporation, you do have to have your articles of incorporation and certifcate of incorporation recorded with the parish.  LLCs do not file their articles of organization with the county parish.